Cabinet takes important decisions on allotment of land in state

Raipur: The Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel chaired the cabinet meeting at his official residence here on Tuesday. In this meeting CM’s Independence Day speech was granted approval by the cabinet and many pro-farmers decisions were taken.

Taking decision on fixation of ‘bhu-bhatak’ and recovery procedure for rehabilitation on encroached land, for allotment of Nazul land and for non-agriculture purpose coming under urban bodies, the cabinet decided to hand over rights for land allotment upto 7500 sq. ft by a person for private use with the Collector and the land above 7500 sq. ft. will be allotted by the state government.

Similarly the rights for land allotment to public/ registered institution too have been given to the District Collector. For the applications for nazul land allotment/ rehabilitation at district-level to be presented before District Collector, a committee will be formed and it will have members from Town & Country Planning- Joint/ Dy/ Asst. Director and the Municipal Commissioner or Chief Nagar Palika Officer will be its members.

government land

The government departments will be allotted land, when any concerned department is having allocation for construction of boundary wall on the govt land to be allotted, so that this land can be saved from encroachment. For the government land, if there is no demand letter from any department, then on such land, by issuing advertisement, applications will be invited by private persons or institutions.

It is without conducting inquiring into the applications, it is only keeping in mind the pace of development that any person or institution will be awarded the land for private use at market rate. For any piece of land, if there are two or more than two applications from a person or institution, then by treating the guidelines rate with interest as offset prize the land will be allotted on the basis of auction and would be given to highest bidder.

For any encroachment before 20 Aug 2017 on any government land, the government will provide land on fixed price (for this revenue department will issue fresh instructions and guidelines). Similarly decisions were also taken in context of registration fees on residential houses and flats. The cabinet also decided to form Chhattisgarh Sports Development Authority and its main objective will be to take policy decisions related to sports and ensure coordination with different departments and take decision on holding any international events.

relief package announced

Taking an important decision in context of industrial and economic crisis and for allowing steel industry to withstand the same, the relief package announced by the state government for FY 2018- 19 which remained valid till 31 March 2019, has been extended and under this the steel industries of the state which are having maximum 1 MW capacity of CPP, will be given relief of 80 Paisa in the energy cess for being included in notified tariff of FY 2019-20 till 31 Mach 2020. The cabinet also took decision of making direct recruitment for post of Asst.

Teachers and Asst. Grade-3 from special OBC category. The cabinet also approved formation of Specil Junior Employees Recruitment Board in Bastar and Surguja. Making amendments into Chhattisgarh senior media personnel samman nidhi niyam 2013, the eligibility age of 65 has been reduced to 60 years and the honorarium amount has been increased from Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 for lifetime.

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