Cabinet holds serious discussions on preparing new data

In case of stay order by HC on reservation for OBC and EWS general category

Raipur, Sep 20:
Detailed discussions were held to collect category-wise data and its updation in context of providing 27% reservation to OBC and 10% to economically weaker section of the society in the state so that the case pending in the High Court can be solved. This decision
was taken in the online cabinet meeting chaired by CM at his official residence and it was decided that treating the existing database of Ration card in the state as the main basis, it is under guidance of Patel’s Commission that data will be updated and which in turn will be approved in Gram Sabhas and ward meeting of urban bodies.
In this cabinet meeting so as to find solution to stay order on this reservation issue of state government by the High Court it was decided to prepare and update data category-wise. This new data will be prepared treating the ration cards issued its main basis, so that data of people left behind in above two categories can be included. CM Bhupesh Baghel and all from the cabinet held the data base prepared by Food Department for the ration card as more creditable and held the need to include the families left behind in this data.
It is notable here that in the existing ration cards of people in the state, the Aadhar No. and Bank accounts are linked with their ration cards. So the state government in case of stay order by HC in case of OBC reservation is going to adopt new procedure with firm basis and with complete transparency and collect reliable data. Under this te list of the ration cards in usage at present by the families will be published in public gram panchayat wise and in wards of urban bodies. In this regard by taking claims and objections and sorting out the same, fresh applications will be taken from families left behind and for this state government will provide facility to make online and offline application. The names of ineligible persons from the list will be deleted and in this case new guidelines will be issued under guidance of Patel Commission.
In the meeting through power-point-presentation, the Secretary Food Department giving information about ration card data of OBC said that presently 66,73,133 ration cards are in use and its total number of members is 2.47 crore. At present, there are 31,52,325 ration cards of OBC families and its total strength of members is 1.18 crore and which forms 47.75% of benefitted persons. The number of general category ration cards is 5.89 lakh and its strength of members is 20.25 lakh and it forms 8.18% of the total benefitted persons in the state. He informed that this data base was collected as per instructions from the state government based upon preparing of new ration cards and its renewal. So by treating this as main basis, if the remaining number of persons from the category is included, then it will create an update for this category.
CM Baghel issued instructions to collect correct data for all categories and update it immediately. He said that the state government has taken decision to provide 10% reservation to 10% of economically weaker section from general category. Presently the strength of members issued ration cards from general category in state is 8.18% and on taking applications from the families left behind it is likely to go up and it is expected to go upto 11-12%. It is on this basis there will be firm basis of providing upto 10% of reservation to economically weaker section from general category.
In the online cabinet meeting Mohammed Akbar, TS Singhdeo and other Ministers said that the state of ration cards in state since 2003 till date has been prepared as per guidelines and following all rules and regulations from time to time by the state government and it is completely creditable and expressed their consent in updation of this category-wise data.
It is due to corona pandemic, decision was taken to observe 150th Jayanti of Mahatma Gandhi on Oct 2 in brief manner and in this all social distancing will be maintained and programmes based upon Swachchata, ‘Swalamban’, sanitization and ‘Suraji Gram’ will be organised and message of CM will be read out.

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