Budget only for few capitalists : Markam

Raipur, Feb 01: The PCC Chief Mohan Markam terming the Union Budget as highly disappointing and full of hollow declarations, has held it as the budget meant for few capitalists only. The Central budget is full of imaginations and brought keeping in view the VS elections due in five states and it is far away from the ground realities and more of election budget. No attention has been paid towards farmers, labourers, youth, house wives, middle class families, industry and trade and any other categories. There is no declaration for poor and those in the social sectors.
For a fast progressing economy of state like Chhattisgarh, PCC Chief has expressed great deal of annoyance for sidelining needs of such states and charged that no attention has been paid in the budget towards falling GDP rates, increasing inflation, unemployment and present state of condition of industry and trade in the country. The Union Budget is also silent on the fact as to how the sections for whom the declaration of package of Rs 20000 crore was made during corona pandemic, will get benefitted.
PCC Chief Mohan Markam has charged that the budget is without any firm declaration and it appears has been prepared without any serious preparation and from the declaration it appears as if the annual budget has been prepared only for VS elections in the five states and is more of an election budget. Expressing lot of criticism on declaration for disinvestment in many public sector enterprises in the central budget, PCC Chief Mohan Markam charged the Modi led government of selling these public sectors enterprises and termed it as too disappointing and not in favour of the nation. Prominent among the such declarations are related to dedicated freight corridors assets of the railways, apart from that of Airports next phase, pipeline assets of GAIL, IOC and HPCL, FDI in insurance sector has been increased from 49% to 74%.

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