BSP’s CSR organises Mental Health awareness camps

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Bhilai, Oct 12: SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant’s Corporate Social Responsibility department (CSR) has organized a Mental Health awareness camp at Janjgiri on Monday. Usually, health camps are held catering to keep people physically healthy. BSP’s CSR department has moved away from the league by organising a mental health awareness camp.
Shivrajan Nair, GM (CSR) shared that the International Mental Health awareness programme was organized with the help of Central India Institute of Medical Health and Neuro Sciences. CSR department has organized Mental Health awareness camps in 4 Model Steel Villages.
World Health Organisation (WHO) declares the theme for Mental Health day every year. The theme for the World Mental Health Day 2021 is ‘Mental health in an unequal world.’ CSR department has organised Mental Health awareness camps. These camps began in Machandur. This was followed by mental health camps in Dania, Dumardeeh and Janjgiri.
Around 500 villagers from Dania, Dumardeeh and Janjgiri were benefitted from the mental health camps. Controller and Counsellors from Central India Institute of Medical Health and Neuro Sciences and Nursing students spread mental health awareness in the health camps through lectures, Quiz, Nukkad natak, dance and rallies as part of the mental health camps. Deaddiction awareness was also covered in the health camp. These camps were organized under the guidance of Shivrajan Nair, GM(CSR) with the support of Sushil Kamde, Mgr. (CSR), Abha Shashi, Counsellor, Central India Institute of Medical Health and Neuro Sciences, Rajni Rajak, Coordinator (CSR) and Budhelal. Dilip Sahu, Sarpanch of Machandur, Rohit, Sarpanch of Dania, Chaksu Prabha, Sarpanch of Dumardih and Rekha Chaturvedi, Sarpanch of Janjgiri villages also played an important role in helping in organizing the camps.

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