BSP-Indian Railways come together to overcome coal crisis

Bhilai, Sep 24: Every effort is being made with the help of Indian Railways to tide over the crisis arising out of shortage of stock of imported hard coking coal at SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant. To overcome the shortage of coal, efforts are being made to facilitate availability of Coking coal rake on priority despite the busy railway route. For this, the officials of Bhilai Steel Plant and Indian Railways are in constant touch and efforts are being made to make the coal stock adequate.

Production was affected partially due to reduction in availability of imported hard coking coal for the past few days at Bhilai Steel Plant and the pushing of coke in the coke ovens had to be reduced. To deal with this situation, continuous loading of imported hard coking coal from Visakhapatnam port is being done with the help of Indian Railways and efforts are being made to facilitate supply of Coal rake at Bhilai on priority.

There is an improvement in stock position of Coking coal in the last two-three days and the situation is likely to further improve in the coming few days. With the joint coordination of BSP and the Railways, every effort is being made to overcome this crisis.

It is worth mentioning that the use of imported hard coking coal is important in the process of steel production at Bhilai Steel Plant. Coke is produced by heating in Coke ovens mixed with Indian coking coal and this Coke and the gases obtained as ancillary products have a special role in steel production. Due to shortfall in the stock of imported coal in the Plant, coke pushing in Coke ovens and supply of Coke to Blast furnaces and gas supply to furnaces of other mills were affected.

In collaboration with Indian Railways, imported hard coking coal collected at Visakhapatnam port is being loaded and transported to Bhilai Steel Plant in the last two days. The stock of imported Coking coal is improving gradually as compared to the earlier position. With the availability of coke, production in Blast furnace is being increased. It is expected that sufficient quantity of coal rakes will be supplied in the coming days and the present situation will improve and production will be normalized.

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