BSP exploring green technologies and adopting green practices

Bhilai, Jun 08: SAIL’s Bhilai Steel Plant has over the years taken number of steps in exploring green technologies & adopting green practices. BSP understands that, business success and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. To reiterate its resounding commitment towards environmental sustainability, BSP has taken-up number of measures over the years to improve its environmental performance.
BSP has already been awarded IS0:14001 for Environment Management System in the Plant, Township and Dalli Mines. BSP has received Integrated Management System (IMS) Certificate by a single certifying agency (M/s DNV), integrating QMS, EMS, OHSAS & SAMS, becoming the first SAIL unit and among few corporate houses in India to achieve this unique distinction.
All the units under the ambitious Modernization & Expansion program of Bhilai Steel Plant that have been operationalised are equipped with state of the art technologies which have not only improved the product quality and widened the product range of SAIL-BSP but have also contributed towards enhancing environmental performance of the Plant. Some of the state of the art technologies implemented in MODEX units are-
Coke Oven Battery 11: Coke Dry Cooling Plant (CDCP), HPLA system, hydro jet door cleaner, Leak proof oven door, Pushing emission control, steam & power generation from CDCP
Blast Furnace 8: Stock House & Cast House De-dusting systems for improving the work zone air quality, Top recovery turbines for clean power generation using top gas pressure of the furnace, Cast house granulation systems, Stove heat recovery, technologies for slag rate reduction etc.
Steel Melting Shop 3: Secondary emission control system, LD-Gas holder
New Rolling Mills (URM & BRM): Low NOX & SO2 burners, energy efficient walking beam furnaces, Low noise motors & Sound proof pulpits.
Power & Blowing Station-2: Use of clean bi-product gases as fuel to minimize emissions
Apart from the above clean technologies, all the units are equipped with localized water treatment & recycling systems. Implementation of the above clean technologies has greatly enhanced the environmental performance of the Plant leading to reduction in the specific emission levels, Specific water consumption, Noise pollution, improvement in solid waste utilization/recycling & overall improvement in the work zone air quality.
As a part of the nation wide “Swachchhata Hi Seva” campaign initiated by Government of India, BSP along with Chhattisgarh Environment Conservation Board (CECB) had organized “Swatchchha Hi Sewa” program at Kala Mandir on September 30, 2019 to create awareness among Bhilaians towards “No Use of – Single Use Plastic” and “Water conservation”. Residents, NGOs, Shopkeepers, Press, Media, school children, CECB officials, Local State authorities, along with BSP employees attended the programme. BSP has distributed metal containers to the shop keepers for using them as dust bins.
Various competitions like Slogan and Poster competitions, wealth from waste, speeches, essay on water conservations, ozone day, No-to-single use plastic and awareness rally by school children were also held at BSPs school in this regard. Prize winners of these competitions were felicitated. About 300 eco-friendly cloth bags and 200 saplings of fruits like lemon, jackfruit, guava etc was distributed to all the participants of the programme.
No doubt, the year 2019-20 will be remembered for initiating number of green projects by BSP for enhancing the environmental performance of the plant.
Water Conservation: BSP has already achieved global best standards in specific water consumption. In its quest to become a zero discharge company and efforts towards water conservation, a holistic approach is being attempted at Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) to address multiple horizons of water management. Water conservation, recycle and reuse after treatments are major thrust areas. At the same time optimum use of water, minimizing the losses due to seepage, evaporation etc. are other key areas for better water management.
The year 2018-19 and 2019-20 proved to be milestone years in terms of initiatives taken up for reduction of water consumption. BSP has been able to augment the recycling of effluent from Outlet-A by about 3500 m3/hr. This was achieved by undertaking desilting jobs in the holding pond of Outlet-A. Contracts for recycling of effluents from Outlet-C and Outlet-B have also been signed. Apart from the above, another scheme for recycling of sewage water to the existing 30 MLD plant has also been finalized. Implementation of the above recycling schemes in current financial year will result in water savings of about 3000 M3/Hr.
For protection of Bio-diversity in Plant, township & mines, BSP has undertaken massive plantation drive right since the early years. So far more than 56 lakh trees have been planted, thereby turning BSP’s Plant area, Township & Mines as green enclaves, sheltering variety of flora & fauna. This includes 40,000 trees planted departmentally by Horticulture Dept. inside the Township. It is worth mentioning that since 1989, more than 22.5 lakh trees have been planted in the Township by Horticulture Department. During the year 2019-20, as many as 47,438 saplings were planted in Township & its peripheral areas, further contributing to the green cover.
Massive roadside plantation in peripheral areas is also being done with the help of Chhattisgarh Rajya Van Vikas Nigam. Roadside plantation continues after a total of 310 kms of roadside plantation was completed by BSP between the years 2006-07 to 2016-17 through Chhattisgarh Rajya Van Vikas Nigam, as part of BSP’s Corporate Social Responsibility activity. Earlier from 1990 to 1995, plantataion was carried out in Nandini, Ahiwara, Bemetra, Berla areas etc. In 2016-17, BSP also carried out plantation of cashew plants in a 50 sq km area in Jagdalpur.

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