BSP employees complete E-Learning course of National Safety Council

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Bhilai, Oct 08: SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant is committed towards Safety of its employees and takes several measures for this purpose. Safety Engineering Department (SED) has played a pivotal role in the drive towards a Safe work environment. SED has organised an e-learning course on Safety for BSP employees through National Safety Council.
The e-learning course includes Electrical Safety, Construction Safety, Chemical Safety, Industrial Safety, Advanced Industrial Safety covering Executives and Non-Executives of BSP, increasing their awareness about Safety culture in the organisation.
The participants of the Industrial Safety course include BC Mandal (CO CCD), Ganesh Kumar Goswami (EMD), Ashok Gupta (ETL), CL Sahu (F & PS), Anil Kumar Mishra (Instrumentation), Dharmendra Kumar Patel (Merchant Mill), Kuldeep Singh Tomar (MRD), Tulsidasan and Mauradwaj Sahu from OP-2, Sunil Kumar Trivedi, GP Singh, V Janardhan Rao, Ajay Kumar Gone, NK Mahiskar, Shovan Ghosh, Anurag Pathak, Ajay Talloo, JL Meshram, and MK Srivastav from SED; DN Keshari and Manish Singh from SMS 2, Rajesh Dewangan (SP2), Gangadhar More (SP3), Dharmendra Singh (URM), Ruz Khan (WMD), Varanasi Shrikrishna (WRM), D Madhav Rao (C & IT), Kuntal Baghel (ERS), VK Choudhary (Instmn.), Suresh Kumar Nagdeo, KK Nashine (RMP 2), BL Sahu, Rajendra Singh Thakur, B Tudu (T & D).
The participants of the Electrical Safety course include GP Singh (SED), Rajesh Dewangan (SP2), SK Agrawal (SED), Kuntal Baghel (ERS), B Mandal (CO CCD), Manmohan (OHP), Ajay Kumar Gone and JL Meshram from SED, DK Patel (Merchant Mill) and BK Luha (P & BS).
The participants of the Chemical Safety course include B Mandal (CO CCD), DK Patel (Merchant Mill), MD Sahu (OP2), GP Singh, SK Agrawal, Ajay Talloo, KC Sajan, and V Janardhan Rao from SED, Pushpa Ambrose (SMS 3) and Rajesh Dewangan (SP2). SK Agrawal from SED attended the e-learning course on Advanced Industrial Safety.
10 employees in Electrical Safety, 10 employees in Chemical Safety, 34 employees in industrial Safety and 1 Executive in Advanced Industrial Safety have successfully completed the e-learning course.
Anjani Kumar, ED (Works) felicitated all participants who have completed the e-learning course in a simple function. The programme was coordinated by GP Singh, Acting CGM (Safety & FS).

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