BSF establishes two new COBs in remote infested areas

Development works to gain momentum under BSF’s security cover

Bhilai, Dec 18: Border Security Force (BSF) has been deployed in the anti-naxal operations in Kanker district of Chhattisgarh since 2009. BSF is delivering duties with great skill in difficult conditions in remote areas. Even after independence, the remote and hyper sensitive areas of Kanker were deprived of proper roads as construction works were not possible here without proper security cover. BSF got this work done by providing security to the construction agencies and thereby facilitated the tribal people to get connected with the small towns.
Prior to the deployment of BSF, there was a reign of naxal terror in various areas of Kanker. But with continuous working and sustained efforts, BSF succeeded in creating a sense of security in the minds of local population and a positive attitude towards the security forces. Each and every officer, subordinate officers and jawans as well as the intelligence department of BSF played an important role in achieving this situation.
Considering its successful working, BSF was entrusted the responsibility of two new Posts in the remote areas. BSF established the Company Operated Bases (COBs) at Katgaon and Kamteda located in very remote areas and are now providing security cover to the construction agencies for conducting development works. BSF sources informed that they have established COB in Katgaon, which is located about 06 km northeast of COB Mahala (PS Pratappur). BSF troops have been deployed at this spot which was considered as a stronghold of Maoists.
On the other hand, COB Kamteda has been established at a distance of 3.5 kilometers west from COB Udaanpur (PS Koylibeda) of Kanker district. Troops have been positioned here and they are making efforts to eliminate the naxal terror from the minds of local population who are still deprived of education and development.
Accepting responsibilities of remote and difficult areas which were considered as Naxal strongholds, BSF has displayed its high quality training and skills. The people are highly excited with the presence of security forces. The establishment of new camps will accelerate the pace of development in nearby tribal areas including villages Kalartola, Dorje, Vattekala, Gattakal, Gome, Rampur, Pustar, Verkor, Lohari, and Gotanj which are considered as safe hideouts of Maoists. With the establishment of new camp Katgaon and Kamtera, the activities of Maoists in the area will get hindered as this area was the travel route for Maoists to reach Madh area, MMC and Rajnandgaon. The new Cobs will promote the ongoing development work in the area which will directly benefit the villagers. For this reason only, the Maoists are trying to push the villagers for protesting against new COBs.
BSF personnel are delivering their duties in difficult conditions in tough terrain. Due to the hard work of its jawans, BSF has emerged as an efficient and effective force in the region. On one hand, BSF takes strict steps against the Naxalites while on the other they are winning the hearts of the people with their behaviour.

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