Brushwood Check Dams to ensure more percolation of surface water into the ground

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Bhilai, Sep 24: Under the state government’s ambitious Narwa Scheme, several innovative steps are being taken to recharge the underground water with lowest possible investment. One such initiative is the Brushwood Check Dams which are being constructed on the gullies (nullahs / rivulets).
The most significant fact of this initiative is that these structures are built at minimal cost with the free raw material available nearby. It can be considered as the most important irrigation structures as they are able to reduce the velocity of surface flow in a sustainable manner.
These structures are also able to prevent the water from flowing away and thereby ensuring more percolation of surface water into the ground resulting in recharge of ground water.
This structure is made by using black soil and the stems of Ipomoea carnea, a flowering plant commonly known as ‘Besharm’ which densely grows near the nullahs and vacant lands. Fence type structure is made with the help of the stems and the gaps are packed with black soil. Brushwood Check Dams have been constructed at various places on the nullahs in Patan Block.
On Friday, District Collector oversaw the brushwood structures built on the drains during his visit to Patan block. Officials informed that such structures have been made through MGNREGA. Their raw material was acquired during the works of nullah cleaning and de-siltation.
Due to the accumulation of silt in the nullahs over the years, beshram plants had grown in these drains. During cleaning works, these plants were rooted out and have been used very beautifully.
It needs to be mentioned here that District Collector had instructed the officials complete the Nullah Bandhan or Sack Bandhan done within the month of September. The concerned officials conducted the work rapidly and the works proved useful in stopping the rain water this month.
This ensured higher percentage of ground water recharge due to the nullahs. It will also benefit the Rabi crop. District Panchayat CEO Sachchidanand Alok and Janpad CEO Manish Sahu were also present in the visit.
Collector praised the brushwood structures. He said that in the Narwa scheme, it has been instructed to build small structures, which can slow down the movement of water and ensure better water recharge. The nullah treatment also has to be given full attention.
Along with this, he also gave instructions for the restoration of water resource structures. He said that wherever such repairs are needed, the officials must get it done.
District Panchayat CEO Sachchidanand Alok informed that the work would be completed soon in the identified sites so that the farmers could get the full benefit of Narwa Yojana and maximum ground water recharge could be done.

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