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Raipur, May 05: When almost all schools are focusing primarily on studies, Brahmavid-The Global School (BTGS) at Bhatagaon Raipur has adopted an integrated approach to learning in an effort to provide a child centric education integrated with life and prepare students for challenges of a multifaceted world.
Spread over 9.25 acre sprawling campus amidst green surroundings the school has a serene atmosphere where children can find learning a lovable, enjoyable and memorable and engage with real projects besides connecting their learning to self discovery and development. Stress has been laid on best possible all-round education to students through a comprehensive curriculum and produce inquiring, confident, responsible individuals who engage themselves positively with the society and the world. The school’s curriculum is not simply a rigid set of prescribed course outlines, but a dynamic entity that keeps evolving. The multi level learning centre (library) in BTGS is equipped with a rich collection of books, resources and digital content to give the students quiet corners to study and reflect. A spacious design and technology studio provides a platform for children to learn experientially through exploration besides promoting creative and critical thinking. Performing arts studios (dance, drama, music, art and craft) are aesthetically designed with beautiful ambience to explore different fine arts skills of the students. Moreover a life skills studio is also available in the school for students to learn basic life skills required in today’s constantly changing world.
“At Brahmavid, we believe in the holistic development of the child and have created a unique model to deliver the curriculum.
We also strongly believe that character building is an important aspect of education. From the early times, character education of children has been the shared responsibility of parents, teachers and the community or society. It is a learning process enabling future citizens to understand, care about the people and the world around them and act on the strength of core values such as respect, justice, civic virtue, citizenship and responsibility for self and others. It is upon the indestructible and enduring foundation of such core values that we form the attitudes and actions that are the hallmark of safe, healthy and informed communities”, said School Directors Mr Pratyush Padarha and Ms Shobha Padarha.
According to them, BTGS follows a four pronged model which focuses parallel on the application of multiple intelligence based techniques, using design thinking approach for problem solving, integrated/project based learning setup and extensive use of Information and Communication Technology to create an effective learning environment.
According to Principal Vinita Sharma, BTGS has the best faculty in the town specialized in their area of interest. “We have a squadron of highly qualified teachers to help students understand the core concepts in lesser time”, she said. She informed that BTGS has facility of indoor and outdoor activities to promote physical fitness of students and nurture the spirit of adventure in them.

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