BMC takes action again illegal kiosk in HUDCO area

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Bhilai, Aug 29: Action was taken on illegal kiosk in HUDCO area under Bhilai Municipal Corporation limits. The action was taken on the complaint of the residents residing in the area about illegal construction on main road near MIG 2/225 and then planning for letting it out to someone for running chicken chillie business.
The complainant said that an attempt is being made to open the kiosk for the sale of meat and mutton. Due to which the possibility of movement of drunken people will increase, and it will prove to be a headache for the residents in the so far peaceful locality.
For all these reasons, action should be taken to evict the illegal occupants according to the wishes of the local residents. The complainants also told that illegal occupants are coming from outside and building illegal kiosk.
Taking cognizance of this, on the instructions of Municipal Commissioner Rituraj Raghuvanshi, the Zone Commissioner, Nehru Nagar, Manish Gaikwad sent a joint team of the Special Squad, Demolition Squad and the Revenue department to take action at the site mentioned by the complainant.
Along with removing the kiosk, the joint team also demolished the structure made of cement and stone by the illegal occupant. Balkrishna Naidu of Special Squad, Assistant Revenue Officer Sharad Dubey, Dheeraj Sahu of Demolition Squad and other employees were present during this

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