BMC review meeting assesses status of 24 hour water supply

Bhilai, May 17:
On Friday, the BCM Commissioner conducted a review meeting to assess the status of 24 hour water supply in Chhawni area and to make the Zone 04 a completely tanker free area. After the formal introduction with the supervisors the Commissioner took stock of the water situation and cleanliness in the area.
The Commissioner SK Sundarani discussed the issue of supply of water with the officials in the aforesaid zone. On coming to know that the water supply was only once in a day in the morning, expressing displeasure he said that the corporations are working towards conservation and storage, and tanker free city. Already the instructions are in place to arrange the possibilities of water 24×7 and particularly in the area where water crisis is there why supply is restricted to once a day, he questioned. In the past itself instructions were given for round the clock water supply in Chhawni area where the water problem is high, the process has to be started sometime and to start with, he instructed, the water supply should be done twice a day i.e. in the morning and evening from Friday itself. It is possible to reduce the consumption of water only when the supply is given twice a day at least. The water meters should be installed everywhere so that the charge is taken only on the amount of water consumed which would be depicted in the meter reading and the same will be charged. It would initiate the process of judicious use of water and also better facilities. The area would also become free from water supply by tankers. He also asked to take care of the fact that the taps are there and there is no leakage of water. He further instructed that where ever valve is required, the valve should be fixed. The concerned officer and supervisor should constantly inspect the areas so that there is no waste of water.
When questioned about the status of tap connection and water meter, Deputy Engineer Basant Sahu informed that 1100 new tap connections have been given and there were 400 old connections in the area.
Refuting the IHP contractor for delay, the Commissioner instructed to get the pipeline laying work in Shankar Nagar at the earliest so that connection could be given to others also living in the area. He warned for strict action and asked to arrange flow meters in the tanks so that water level in the tanks could be judged and how much is being supplied. He instructed the 77 MLD Water Works Department Executive Engineer to appoint an employee to inspect the supply of water in water tank in all the zones.
The Commissioner Sundarani checked the register of water supply through tankers and asked to closely monitored and keep the date wise and ward wise signed record, and suggested inspecting areas where frequency of tankers is more and prepare a quick action plan to arrange sintex tanks or other types of arrangements.
On cleanliness, the Commissioner said that any kind of negligence will not be tolerated in the cleaning system. If complaints are received anywhere, then it should be solved immediately with inspection
He instructed the health supervisors to take regular attendance of employees engaged in all wards and during inspections there should be no filth anywhere. Regular cleaning of drains and cleanliness should be done properly. He also instructed the supervisors to immediately inform the concerned department if street lights are illuminated after 05:00 hrs so that the waste of electricity can be stopped. He also took a separate meeting of the Zone commissioner regarding making the city tanker free.
During the review meeting, those present were Superintendent Engineer RK Sahu, Deputy Commissioner Lehre, Health Officer Dharmendra Mishra, Murthy Sharma, all Zone Commissioner and officers.

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