BMC Commissioner conducts inspection of streetlights at night

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Bhilai, Sep 24: In a bid to check illumination of roads and squares, the Bhilai Municipal Commissioner Prakash Surve conducted an inspection in Nehru Nagar area on Thursday night. He visited various streets for about three hours that included the roads in Nehru Nagar, Model Town, near KPS School, the road leading to Surya Mall, the road leading to Junwani Road and Avanti Bai Square and the overbridge leading from Nehru Nagar Gurdwara to Sector area.
During inspection, the commissioner found that the lights on the overbridge road were not working since several days when the bridge was only two years old. Along with this, the pole lights on the divider of the road that runs from Surya Mall to Junwani Road and Avanti Bai Square were also not working. After inspecting, he immediately summoned the Executive Engineer of Nehru Nagar, Sanjay Sharma on the spot and instructed him to get the lights repaired and illuminated at the earliest. The Engineer explained that during the construction of the road, the poles and lights were installed by the PWD department on which the commissioner directed him to coordinate with the PWD and get the lights repaired.
He added that if required send a letter to the Electrical Engineering Department of the PWD department. Commissioner Surve said that the roads happen to be in the busiest areas of the city, every day thousands of people commute on it at night, so the lights should be proper on such major roads of the city.
This will reduce the chances of accidents in the night, at the same time people will have ease of movement at night, criminal activities will also be curbed. He has also instructed all the zone commissioners to inspect their respective areas for lighting and submit the report. There should be no problem of light in any area. Additional commissioner Ashok Dwivedi was also present during the inspection.

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