Blind double-murder mystery solved

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Bhilai, June 04: With the arrest of a 30-year-old man, police claimed to have solved a blind double murder mystery. An accomplice of the prime accused has also been arrested. The accused in greed of property allegedly killed his uncle and aunt.
Addressing media persons here on Tuesday, Superintendent of Police Prakhar Pandey informed that body of a 55-year-old person packed in a bag was recovered near village Girhola of Nandini PS limits on May 30. The crime scene investigation and autopsy reports confirmed it to be a murder. Taking the case into serious cognizance, a special team was constituted for investigating over this case. The photograph of the deceased was circulated through media and social media platforms and later the body was identified as Vishnu Sahu (55) of Sudama Nagar, Raipur. Vishnu and his wife Neera Sahu (40) were missing since May 30.
During interrogation, Vishnu’s nephew Gokul Sahu informed that on May 29 they had come to village Kara (Urla, Raipur) at his in-laws place. His uncle Vishnu and aunt Neera had come with him in a car to attend some function. Gokul asserted that his uncle and aunt did not return with him and since then they were missing. On the basis of his initial statement, Gokul became the prime suspect in the case and police concentrated its attention on him only. He was thoroughly interrogated for about seven hours and during sustained interrogation he confessed to have murdered his uncle and aunt in greed of their property.
Gokul disclosed that he has taken Vishnu’s wire mill on monthly rent and it was his only source of income. His uncle often stated that he could earn more rent if he gives the mill to some other person. Vishnu often made Gokul feel that he was obliging him by giving the mill on low rent. Gokul initially neglected these taunts as he believed that he was the heir of the entire property as his uncle had no children. After the death of his first wife, Vishnu had married Neera a couple of years ago. Gokul suspected that his uncle Vishnu and aunt Neera are expecting a baby. So he planned to murder his uncle and aunt and capture their entire property.
About three months ago, he got an idea of murder from a television serial and started making arrangements to execute the conspiracy of killing his uncle and aunt. On May 29, he asked Vishnu and Neera to come with him at his in-laws place for attending a function. Gokul borrowed a car from his relative and they reached village Kara in that vehicle. Gokul had already collected a rope and large bags and had kept it in the dickey of the vehicle. After the function, Gokul and his uncle Vishnu consumed liquor. Then Gokul and Vishnu left the house to visit a pan kiosk for purchasing cigarette. Gokul took his uncle to the outskirts of the village and strangled him to death. After hiding the body in the byara (place where paddy hay is stored), Gokul returned home and informed Neera that uncle is gossiping with some person at the pan kiosk and asked her to get ready for returning home. He stated that they will pick uncle from the pan kiosk only. The accused took Neera to the same place in the car and tried to strangle her. When she strongly resisted, Gokul stabbed her to death.
Then Gokul called his brother-in-law Motilal (of Rajnandgaon) and requested him to help for disposing off the bodies. They packed the bodies in different bags and put them in the car dickey. They dumped Neera’s body in Aklor Nullah (PS Berla, Bemetara District) and Vishnu’s body on roadside in village Girhola (PS Nandini, Durg District). He intentionally dumped the bodies in limits of different districts as he believed that there will be a lack of coordination between the police of different districts.
On the basis of his statement, Neera’s body was recovered from Aklor Nullah. Police have seized the car used in crime and other evidences including Gokul’s clothes with blood stains and other items which will be used as evidences against him. Gokul Sahu a resident of Sudama Nagar Raipur and his accomplice Motilal a resident of village Singhola, Rajnandgaon on charges of murder.

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