BJYM presents mineral water jar to local MLA

Central Chronicle News
Bhilai, May 28: On Friday, BJYM activists staged a unique demonstration and tried to present a jar of mineral water to local MLA. They alleged that the local leaders have failed in ensuring supply of clean water from the taps in Bhilai Township. Consequently, the people are forced to purchase mineral water jars for drinking and cooking purposes.
BJYM leader Nitesh Mishra alleged that MLA Devendra Yadav has made unsuccessful efforts to ensure supply of clean drinking water in Bhilai Township. BJYM activists tried to reach MLA’s residence but they were stopped by the cops and administrative officials. SDM interacted with the demonstrators and received the Jar of Mineral Water.
Nitesh Mishra said that on the one hand, the public of Bhilai is forced to buy water while on the other hand the local MLA is busy in photo politics. He is misguiding the people by giving baseless statements instead of finding a meaningful solution. Vijay Shukla said that when water can be supplied to the houses in Durg from the Kharkara reservoir, then why Bhilai is deprived of the same. Anurag Naidu, Jai Prasad, Rajkumar Thakur, Dinesh, Prashant Meshram, Deepak Shukla, Ajay Thakur, Abhishek Debarkonde, Parag Singh, Rohit Dubey and others were present.

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