BJPians intensify struggle in support of Baghel’s ‘Anshan’

Bhilai, Oct 17: Bharatiya Janata Party MP Vijay Baghel is staging Anshan for the last four days in Patan demanding unconditional release of the BJP workers those who have been victimised in fabricated cases of loot and brawl at the liquor shop in Amleshwar. On Saturday, BJP State Vice President and Bhatapara MLA Shiv Ratan Sharma, District BJP President (Raipur) Shrichand Sundarani, Sachchidanand Upasane, Former MLA Domanlal Korsewada, Avadhesh Singh Chandel, Gaurishankar Sriwas, Narayan Singh Thakur and other senior leaders reached the Anshan spot. On October 18, former Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh is scheduled to visit Patan and extend support to the demonstration.
Intensifying the struggle in support of MP Vijay Baghel, the BJP party workers staged demonstration at Kosa Nullah in Supela. Addressing the gathering, BJP leaders stated that during the lockdown in Patan, when all the shops were closed and even the roadside vendors were staying indoors to support the administration, the government was busy in liquor trade across the state. When Bharatiya Janata Party workers opposed the sale of liquor, the government got them victimised in fabricated cases. BJP workers and local villagers were arrested on charges of loot and braw; at the liquor shop. Protesting against such unfair practices, BJP Member of Parliament Vijay Baghel is staging Anshan for the last four days in Patan. They said that each and every worker of BJP will come on the in protest of the state government. MLA Vidya Ratan Bhasin, Chandan Singh Bhadauria, Former Chairman of Minorities Commission Surendra Singh Kembo, Shankar Lal Dewangan, Praveen Pandey, Sanjay Dani, Shyam Sundar Rao, Piyush Mishra, Bhojraj Sinha, Rashmi Singh, Deepak Ravna, Joginder Sharma, Jayaprakash Yadav, Mahesh Verma, Dr Deep Chatterjee, Srinivas Khedia, Former Mayor Nirmala Yadav Bhilai Charoda Mayor Chandrakanta Mandle, Pandit Vinod Shankar Choubey, Pramod Singh, Bhagchand Jain, Yogendra Singh, Niharika Mishra, Suman Kannoje, Shivkant Sengar, Nitesh Mishra, Deepak Savlani, Trilochan Singh, Vijay Singh, Anil Mishra, Vicky Sharma, Santosh Srirange, Manoj Yadav and others were present.

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