BJP to strengthen Organization through Saroj Pandey

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Raipur, Mar 24: With anti-incumbency being considered as biggest threat for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party in Chhattisgarh, the saffron brigade has started fresh methods to strengthen the Organization ahead of the scheduled Legislative Assembly elections here in the month of November-December this year. Elevation of the BJP’s National General Secretary Saroj Pandey to Rajya Sabha from Chhattisgarh may create fresh equations within the BJP but it would bring about fresh ideas to strengthen the Organization which the party think tank feels would check the reported anti-incumbency in Chhattisgarh.
But her elevation in Chhattisgarh Politics may even backfire for the BJP as several heavy-weights have their own whims and aspirations for themselves. With her elevation to the Rajya Sabha, she would certainly be in the central role of Chhattisgarh BJP but in the process, she might also be under attack from the principal opposition Congress. It would not only provide breather to the Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh but he would also get opportunity to focus on the administrative task when he has set to complete before entering into election fray. However, over importance may also create another Centre of power within the BJP and her role too would be decisive in key affairs including the distribution of party ticket for the next Legislative Assembly elections.
Party insiders stated that she would not just strengthen the BJP Organization but would also bring about fresh energy among the party rank and file who themselves are at times apprehensive over their political prospects. The unrest brewing among the party workers against several members of Raman Singh government may too be addressed by the elevation of Saroj Pandey. It is learnt that the party high command wants to utilize the maximum potential of newly-elected RS member Saroj Pandey who herself has been able to create her clout in the Chhattisgarh politics.
However, over enthusiasm among her supporters may also result in embarrassment as one of her supporters had made unhealthy comments against the Cabinet Minister Prem Prakash Pandey who is considered to a bĂȘte-noire of the newly-elected Rajya Sabha member. Tug-of-war between them had cost the party dearer in the past.

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