BJP discussing about 15 yrs of its mal-governance in state:Baghel

Raipur, Sep 01:
CM Bhupesh Baghel commeting upon the BJP’s ongoing ‘Chintan Shivir’ said that what is coming in the media about BJP’s ‘shivir’, it seems they are holding discussions are on the mal-governance of 15 years of BJP rule in the state and 15 years of former CM Raman Singh’s government rule in the state has been put behind witness box.
Coming down heavily against BJP on the religious conversion issue, CM Baghel said that there is news about religious conversion from this camp and added that if one takes a look at the number of churches constructed during BJP rule in the state then it is under the 15 years term of BJP and this is exactly the same thing as saying ‘blame it upon Congress’.
CM Baghel said that since BJP is not in power, so they want to take stand on some issue and that is ‘religious conversion’. We all are from different religions and we reside in different places and wherever the population is high, it becomes the centre of faith and loyalty, he added.
The place where the Hindus dominant, there the temple is constructed and where Satamis dominate, it is ‘Jaitkhmabh’ there and for Sikhs it is ‘Gurudwaras’ and for Muslims it is ‘Masjid’ and for Christians it is ‘Church’ constructed. So it is first the community which goes first and then it becomes the centre of religion in particular, CM added.
Action to be taken on force conversion: CM
CM Baghel said that the number of churches constructed during BJP’s term are in Bastar region and it is clearly visible from the facts and he questioned as to on what ground they are lamenting such charges on Congress. On the other hand, CM said that he has already commented on this earlier that about religion there is clear-cut mention in the Constitution, that any person can self-willingly join or accept any religion. But if there is any forceful conversion, then it should be brought forward and CM assured of firm action in such cases.

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