Bison and wolf in Jungle safari from Mysore

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Raipur, May 15:
In a bid to add one more attraction in Jungle Safari at Naya Raipur wildlife is being inducted from the zoo of neighboring states . In this series Bison would be brought along with wolf from the Karnataka. A pair of fox and Lion and bear would be given back to the Zoo. Negotiation is on to bring Giraffe and Zebra also.
Last week a member secretary from State Zoo authority of Karnataka DP Rabi and Director Zoological park Mysore Ajit Kulkarni have visited Raipur with their respective delegation.
During their stay at Raipur they tool stock of Jungle Safari and have lauded the efforts made by the entrusted officials and personnel. According to the information available, they have expressed their wish to convert the Zoological Park Mysore, akin to the Jungle Safari of the Naya Raipur.
According to the sources officers of Zoological Park Mysore a consensus had been made on exchanging the wild animals. According to this from Mysore Zoo a pair of Fox and Bison would be given to Jungle Safari and in return of these gift from Jungle Safari Raipur a male Lion and a Bear with Fox would be handed over to them.
Initial process of exchanging wild animal from Zoo and Jungle safari had been started. It was also informed that exercise to bring Giraffe and Zebra from Mysore Zoo has also began, however sources said that it will take time, however with the advent of Jungle Safari in Naya Raipur a scheme had been formulated to bring Giraffe and Zebra but nothing significant had been done in this direction so far.
According to the information a negotiation had been made between the two delegations to bring some 4-5 species of special birds from the Zoological Park Mysore which they have brought from overseas. In bird sanctuary of Nandanvan Jungle Safari there are 20 to 25 species of birds already being fostered.
Director of Jungle safari M. Mersibela had accepted that negotiation has been done on bringing a pair of wolf and Bison from Mysore Zoological Park and the officials from the zoo have also given consent regarding that. She said we also have to give them Lion Beer and fox in exchange of wild animals.

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