Bigg Boss Telugu 2

The nominations for the upcoming eliminations were completed in yesterday’s Bigg Boss Telugu 2. The housemates were seen nominating each other for the upcoming evictions. There is a huge outrage over the error in Google’s voting system.

Kaushal, Samrat, Amit Tiwari, and Ganesh are the in the nominations for the upcoming eliminations. The makers of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 usually open the voting system as soon as the episode ends.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 nominations episode aired this Monday. But, the voting system did not open, which resulted in several viewers getting angry over the delay.

The system was fixed only after a few hours. Star Maa’s Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Google voting system fails
Kushal’s fans were angry with the delay as weren’t able to cast their votes and save their favourite contestant.

A few viewers are of the opinion that the makers of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 are doing this intentionally. The voting system error could affect the tally of the votes in Sunday’s episode.

Kaushal, being one of the strongest contenders, has got a huge following on the social media, as well as the general audience. Him being in the nominations, his fans are quite upset that they were not able to vote for him.

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