Bhilai Commissioner supervises action against people moving without mask

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Bhilai, Mar 15: Bhilai Municipal Corporation has undertaken a massive campaign against violators of health ministry advisory in view of rising Corona cases in the city. In a major action on Monday, penalty was imposed on people moving around without a mask in public place. During the action, the Bhilai Commissioner Rituraj Raghuvanshi was present.
The Commissioner supervised the action by reaching the campaign sight early in the morning at around 06:00 hrs. The corporation team started operations from Akash Ganga area. Raghuvanshi was on the forefront in imposing penalty against those who were not wearing masks.
Under the leadership of the Commissioner, fine was recovered by visiting Akash Ganga, Supela Square, Gada Square, Power House Square and Nandani Road. In view of the growing corona cases, constant checking is being done in the Corporation limits against those who do not apply masks.
On Monday by 17:30 hrs a fine of Rs 53950 was recovered while taking action against 550 people. In the last 3 days, the Bhilai Municipal Corporation has recovered a fine of lakhs of rupees from those who did not use masks.
This action will continue on a regular basis. During the action, Deputy Commissioner Ashok Dwivedi, Zone Commissioner Sunil Agarhari, Assistant Revenue Officer Sharad Dubey, Prakash Agrawal and other officers / employees were present.
During the action there were people who were not wearing masks but did not have money to pay the amount of fines, on which, they were given sit ups punishment and then let go after a warning to wear mask.
There were people wo were adorning a mask but as if it was a fashion attire. They had the mask but the mouth and nose were not covered with it. Warning was given to them to apply the mask correctly or face action during the intensive mask checking campaign. They were advised to apply masks in such a way that the nose and mouth are completely covered, otherwise it would not make sense to apply masks.
Thus, the team imposed fine and also gave masks to those who were moving without masks. During the proceedings, masks were distributed to 232 such people.
Two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles were also intercepted. The vehicles were stopped at squares and drivers and riders who were not using mask were also charged fine. Intensive inspection is also being carried out at shops in all major market and commercial areas.
Checking whether the mask has been applied by the shopkeeper and the customer. The shop owners are being given clear instructions to apply masks and ask the customers coming to use masks and only then the items will be given for purchase.
The campaign was carried out in these areas under Bhilai Municipal Corporation- Nandani Road, Power House Square, Supela Square, Akash Ganga, Gada Square, Chhawni Square, Kohka, Junwani, Civic Center, Avanti Bai Square, Akash Ganga , Rajendra Prasad Square, Indira Square, Ramnagar, Vegetable Market & Business Complex located at Power House, Nehru Nagar Square, Shri Ram Square, Boria Market, Surya Mall Square, Chandra Maurya Square, Pardesi Square.
Those found without mask were warned that if they are not wearing masks again, then FIR will be filed against them. List is being prepared of those being charged with penalty. If a person is found not wearing a mask again, legal process will be initiated. Considering the imperative of applying the mask, appeals are being made through loudspeakers again and again.

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