Bharat Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

Star Cast: 4 kinds of Salman Khan, out of which couple of them justify their presence, Jai to his Veeru, Buzz Lightyear to his Woody, quirkiness to his subtlety – Sunil Grover, a fellow artificial old-aged soulmate – Katrina Kaif, a long-distance-relationship reject Disha Patani & more

Director: The man who thought it would be emotional enough to have the central character named on the country (thank god, someone in Kyrgyzstan didn’t get this idea) – Ali Abbas Zafar

What’s Good: The emotional side of Salman Khan, background score pumps up the ordinary scenes, Sunil Grover – to an extent, cinematography capturing the right essence of every era

What’s Bad: Length (That’s what she said), slow pace ruins the connect, forced patriotism & an unconvincing 70-year-old Salman

Loo Break: All the songs apart from Aaya Na Tu!

Watch or Not?: Umm, if you’re a Salman fan, you’ll not be asking this question but if you’re not – watch it when it’s digitally available just to enjoy few high points of the film

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