Better facilities should be provided to patients: Commissioner Wasnikar

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Rajnandgaon, May 05:
Divisional Commissioner Dilip Vasnikar has instructed the Medical Hospital, Rajnandgaon to provide good treatment facilities and friendly environment to patients admitted. He said that the Medical College, Rajnandgaon, is the largest medical institute of the district and instructed to ensure the availability of doctors, besides medicines, medical supplies and equipments.
Divisional Commissioner Wasnikar took a meeting of officers and doctors in the Superintendent’s Room of Medical College Hospital on May 4 to investigate and improve the arrangements of the medical colllege. Wasnikar described the medical work as very important and instructed all the doctors and officials of the hospital to reach their duty on time and to be present in the hospital for a fixed period of time to provide services to the patients.
The Divisional Commissioner took detailed information regarding the hospital arrangements from Hospital Superintendent, the Head of the Department and the Doctors. He took information regarding the total number of patients coming in OPD of her department from Dr. Madhuri Khunte, a child specialist and pediatrician. He instructed Dr Khunte to take special care of the mother and child and asked her to provide proper care and treatment. Wasnikar met Dr. MK Diwakar, Head of the Department of Surgery got information regarding the number of patients coming in his department every day, number of doctors, equipment and other medical items. Apart from this, he also met the HOD of ENT, X-Ray departments and other Doctor to get information about their departments and instructed to provide timely treatment and improve the system. Wasnikar asked the officers and the doctors to make proper use of information regarding the available resources in the hospital. He instructed Hospital superintendent Dr. Pradeep Beg to work in a plan to improve the hospital system. He also instructed to list the demands and needs to be resolved from the government level.
The Divisional Commissioner also gave directions to ensure the availability of adequate quantity of life saving and other essential medicines in the hospital in view of the current summer season. Commissioner gave strict instructions to the Hospital Superintendent and other officers and said that in every situation, the Medical College Hospital, Rajnandgaon should work with the strategy and plan to improve the system. He said that a medical college has been set up in Rajnandgaon to provide treatment facilities to the people of this district and region, like the hospitals of Raipur and other metropolitan cities. So that there is no need to go to Raipur and other cities for the treatment. We all have the responsibilities to ensure proper treatment and facilities available to patients at Rajnandgaon Medical College Hospital. On the occasion, he also took information regarding the status of community and primary health centers of in the district from Dr. Chaudhary, Chief Medical and Health Officer. He asked all the departments in these hospitals to provide proper treatment and facilities to the patients.
To meet the vacant posts of doctors and other staff in Rajnandgaon and to make arrangements for improving the system, a meeting will be organized on May 10 to ensure all the arrangements including equipment, medicines and all other arrangements.
Collector Jai Prakash Maurya said that it is necessary for the doctors and all the officers-employees to be sensitive towards their commitment, dedication and patient for improvement of the hospital management. He asked to fix parameter for improving the arrangements in the hospital and implement it. Maurya also said that in a meeting to be held on May 10, he would discuss in detailed about all the points related to the hospital system. Suggestions and advices were also taken from Hospital Superintendents, Departments and Doctors for improving the systems. On this occasion, ADM S.N. Motwani, Hospital Superintendent Dr. Pradeep Beg, Deputy Commissioner Mrs. Monika Kawde, Deputy Collector Dr. Deepti Verma along with the Head of the Department and Doctors were present.

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