Bengaluru entrepreneur makes it to Forbes Asia’s 30 ‘Under-30’ list

Bengaluru, Apr 22 (PTI): Last year when the pandemic struck the country prompting the government to order a stringent lockdown, many businesses were shut following massive losses.
But Vibha Harish, a 25-year old entrepreneur from Bengaluru, found abundant sun shining to make hay during 2020 — So much so that she made it to the Forbes Asia’s 30 Under- 30 in just one year of her venture. Her firm Cosmix, a herbal nutrition and plant-based supplement brand offering, is now one of the fastest growing ventures.
In just one year of its coming into being, it has a turnover of around Rs two crore, all credit goes to the products, its manufacturing and marketing techniques. A health issue as a teenager made her look at the absence of adequate nutrition for women, which became the prime source for launching this venture last year.
“My mother suggested that I go for herbal instead of any allopathic medicines. I started using herbs. Inspired by herbalism from the western world and Ayurveda from our own country, I started experimenting by myself,” Harish told P T I. She inherited the business from her parents.
Also, doing her engineering degree in supply chain management helped in her business.
“I was learning herbalism out of my own interest and then I felt like these things were not marketed correctly, as right scientific information is not shared,” Harish added.
Cosmix has eight products for gut health, liver health, sleep, hair health, skin health.
“We also made products to make superfood bars for children who are malnourished through the Anganwadis,” the young entrepreneur said.
In its citation, Forbes wrote, “The Bangalore-based startup makes nutritional powder supplements from fruits, herbs and roots, which it says can help boost immunity and improve sleep.”
Forbes added that Vibha used part of her profits to fund the company’s “Nutrition for All” programme, which donates food and energy bars to malnourished children in rural India.

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