Beat Summer Heat With These Hues

With the heat rising as temperature soars, the agonising months of summer are here already! All the fashionista in us wants to keep up with trends that will help us beat the heat in style.

T he sun is out in its full glory and so should we, with our outfits; light and bright, florals and corals, subtle blues and mild hues; bringing out the best of us.
Frosty White
Isn’t white the best colour for the summer? Not only does it look mild for the scorching sun, but is considered the perfect choice to beat the summer heat. Be glamorous while being comfortable flaunting this shade!
Sunshine Yellow
To add that tinge of freshness to your wardrobe, choose something as lively as yellow. Yellow dresses or tops with denims look absolutely gorgeous for the summers. Yellow, being the colour that shouts summer, it will be absolutely unfair to not include it in our list! From the beauty of sunflowers to everything else warm and sunny, yellow is a must have for every summer wardrobe.
Aqua Power
Related to aqua and marine, blue adds coolness to the sunny weather. Wear this breezy colour for adding that tranquil mildness to your dressing style. Summer being the hot season it is, it always demands a visit to the beach! Aqua is the colour of the calm water that is the best antidote for the scorching heat of the sun!
Tangerine Effect
Summers are associated with fruity colours highlighting freshness. Choose from quirky hues like tangerine to add that splash of colour to your wardrobe! This fruity colour never fails to impress. Orange being bright and playful, defines liveliness. Wear Orange and add colour to every picture making every day a bright day!
Lovely Lavender
Just like the flowers, lavender is all about being subtle, mellow and delicate. Lavender is considered to be an exotic shade of purple. This summer, add royalty to your collection by including a lot of lavenders to your wardrobe! Just like the flower, lavender will help you be the best of the lot!
Neon Mania
Include the freshness of neon to your wardrobe this summer. Contrary to many opinions, neon has seen a whole revolution in fashion! Not only does this pop of colour add a playful twist to your ensemble but it also gives full marks for being on trend. Add neons to your wardrobe and make these bright summer days brighter!

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