Ayurveda can ensure healthier future to human beings: Dr Partha

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Bhilai, Jul 09: Ayurveda has gained more importance globally during the Covid 19 times. The world is now acknowledging this ancient medicine system as a comprehensive health system for human beings. The Ministry of Ayush, various organisations and institutions are working continuously to take the age-old “Science of Life” to new heights. In this sequel, state’s first private Ayurveda College – Rajiv Lochan Ayurveda Medical College, Chandkhuri, Durg is organising a series of webinars on various topics for keeping the faculty and students updated with the latest advancements.
The Department of Samhita, Siddhant and Sanskrit of RLAMC recently organised a webinar on the topic “Genetic Research in Ayurveda and its present status and future strategies. About 347 Ayurveda practitioners, faculties and students attended this national webinar. In her opening remarks, Dr Vandana Fating (Principal, RLAMC) discussed various concepts of genetics in Ayurveda. She said that Acharya Sushruta and Acharya Charak have mentioned genetic diseases, genetic components of individuals etc in the ancient scriptures of Ayurveda. But in the modern era, due to lack of scientific validation of the principles of Ayurveda, the world is not getting full benefits of Ayurveda. She emphasised on the need to refresh and upgrade the knowledge of Ayurveda to give a healthy future to the world which is suffering from Covid pandemic.
Dr Partha Biswas, Associate Professor, Institute of Post Graduate Ayurveda Education and Research, Kolkata, said that the details of genetics mentioned in the Ayurveda Samhitas have not yet been accepted as a contribution to medical science. This knowledge needs to be correlated and explained with the modern concept. He elaborated on the current status of genetic research in Ayurveda and the future strategy of research. He focused on research in the field of personal and preventive medicine in medicine and discussed the topics of pharmacogenetics; epigenetics; practical application of genetics in Ayurveda; etc.
Head of the Department of Samhita, Siddhanta and Sanskrit, Dr Kusum Lata Rathore and Dr Sunita Kochendra also shared their views on the subject. Dr Sunita Kochendra compeered the webinar. At the outset, Guneshwari Sahu, Assistant Professor of Sanskrit, recited Dhanvantari Vandana. Dr Kusum Lata Rathore proposed the vote of thanks. On the successful conduct of the webinar, College Managing Committee Chairman Prabha Sahu and Director Rajiv Sahu congratulated all the professors, students and participants. Dr Sagar Sharma and Dr Yogeshwar Pandey provided technical support in the programme.

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