AWGP launches ‘Grihe Grihe Gayatri Mahayajna’ campaign

Bhilai, June 02:
On Sunday, Gayatri Yajnas were performed at thousands of households and temples of the district under the mega campaign “Grihe Grihe Gayatri Mahayajna” of All World Gayatri Pariwar. This spiritual organisation had set a target of conducting yajnas in 2.40 lakh houses at the same time and day across the globe. AWGP office bearers claimed that this target was crossed as yajnas were conducted in more than three lakh houses. AWGP Zonal Coordinator Dilip Panigrahi, Deputy Coordinator SP Singh and DIYA I/c Dr PL Sao informed that All World Gayatri Pariwar is engaged in multiple reformative and reconstructive activities on the personal, familial, social, national and cultural fronts of life. Spiritual refinement of the entire world has been the predominant focus of this mission and it has endeavoured a Yagya-based movement on the lines of the vedic tradition to achieve this virtually impossible goal. AWGP founder and spiritual leader Pt Shriram Sharma Acharya deciphered and propagated the divine light of Vishwa Mata Gayatri to reach the masses and also pioneered the revival of the vedic culture of Yagya so that it could be adopted by every man and woman in the present times too. He explained and proved scientifically how yajnas and vedic practices can erode the root cause of all the problems in this world.
Colossal refinement in every dimension of the gross and sublime environment of life is possible through the vedic spiritual experiments of Gayatri Sadhana and Yagya. Under this campaign, “Grihe Grihe Gayatri Mahayajna” programme has been launched on June 02. The organisation has set a target of conducting this campaign during 2020 to 2026 and conduct gayatri mahayajanas at almost One crore houses in the world.
The volunteer “purohits” of Gayatri Pariwar conducted yajnas at thousands of houses in Durg district on the day. Besides this, Yajnas were conducted at Gayatri Shaktipeeths, Gayatri Mandirs, Sadhna Kendras, Pragya Peeths, and Pragya Sansthans across the district.

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