Around 8 Lakh Students fail in Hindi in UP Board Result 2020

This maintains the Hindi exam problem in India's largest Hindi-speaking state for at least 3 years running.

UP Board Result 2020: Hindi remains the most problematic paper in the largest Hindi-speaking state of India as almost 8 lakh students from the two classes combined failed in their Hindi papers.

While 2.70 lakh students failed to pass in the Hindi paper in their UP board class 12 or Intermediate result, 5.28 lakh students failed the same in the UP board class 10 or High School exam.

Apart from them, a total of around 2.39 lakh students had also skipped their Hindi papers as per board officials. This shows how neglected the Hindi language paper is.

Around 59.6 lakh students appeared for the UP board class 10th and class 12th exams in 2020 which were held in February and March. Around 30 lakh students appeared for the UP 10th exam, and around 25 lakh appeared for the UP 12th exam.

In all likelihood, it is because students these days believe that studying a language without future prospects isn’t necessary.

Nearly 10 lakh students fail Hindi paper in UP board result 2019

The results this year with the high number of students failing in the Hindi paper is in-keeping with that of last year’s when almost 10 lakh students failed the Hindi paper from both classes 10 and 12 combined.

In class 10, 5.74 lakh students or 19% students who appeared for the Hindi exam failed it, while in class 12, 1.93 lakh students who took the Hindi exam failed it.

Over 11 lakh students fail Hindi paper in UP board result 2018

Two years ago, things were even worse. Out of the total 56 lakh students, over 11 lakh people failed in the Hindi paper in the UP board class 10 and class 12 results combined.

Out of the total 30,28,767 class 10 students, 7,80,582 students or 25% of them failed in Hindi. In class 12, out of the total 26,04,93 students, 3,38,776 students or 13% failed in Hindi.

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