Are errata a means for a varied purpose?

Silence is golden if speech is sylvan. Discourses are of great value to put the social behaviour to corrective measures, but aiming at no individual despite the objective is to target selectively. Baba Ramdeo’s comments on the performance of the union minister Uma Bharati was in a smooth insinuating manner.

Ganga cleaning project is no less important. In politics it happens that people speak with some intention, but the reflection is always disowned. BJP spokesman Dr. Sambit Patra speaks words not of his choice. Yet he does utter them only to withdraw and regret but with ifs and buts added to the errata. What freedom of expression, particularly in the speak media is encouraging is: Utter unmindfully and then deny or disown the purport.

Most of the mudslinging activities are fraught with cautious enunciation of controversial phraseology followed by soapy compliments in a vain bid to repair the damage. Drawing a longer line to show the other one shorter is the resort of the inapt who cannot drive home the point unequivocally despite knowing how to do and yet shying it off. Ganga project is more related to one’s concern for environmental imbalance and conviction to fight out the evil of environmental imbalance, while the road work, which is no less important, is to do with transport system related largely to the trade and commerce of the country.

Religiosity finds expression in spiritualism, righteousness, piousness, love for animal and vegetation, veneration for the river, customs, rituals, etc. while trade and commerce concentrates on public transport system via commercial way. Cabinet Minister for Drinking Water and Sanitation in the Union Government Uma Bharati has been on record about the completion of the first phase of the Ganga project by the end of 2018 while its ecological flow may take seven years to have a clean Ganga river which had been a wish of Rajiv Gandhi too. Unless there is a political motive, no comparison between ministers is sought-after, and the Yogaguru on the foreign TV channel praising a single minister needs to be read between the lines for implications of long-run effect particularly when the country is going to polls within a period of less than a year.

Is it the minister’s efficiency or the importance of the projects that puts the official machinery to faster work? This question needs concentration in the light of the urgency of projects completion of some of which depends on the cooperation from the state government. Here Uma Bharti’s complaint of lack of cooperation from Akhilesh government is also to be taken into consideration before making a comparison. Baba Ramdeo’s regret is welcome if it is innocent or else it is one of the many such remarks followed by regrets. Are errata a means for a varied purpose? Strength to influence

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