Another miraculous surgery at Advance Cardiac Institute

5-kg highly malignant tumour removed from chest through a complex surgery lasting for 5 hours

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Raipur, Aug 04: Doctors at Advance Cardiac Institute (ACI) of Dr Bhimrao Amedkar Memorial Hospital, affiliated to Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru Memorial Medical College Hospital Raipur have performed a complex surgery on a 27-year old patient to remove 5 kg highly malignant tumour from his chest. The patient is currently admitted at Post Operative Intensive Care Unit of ACI after undergoing surgery.
The patient is resident of Bhilai having qualification of ITI. He works as a contractor in Bhilai Steel Plant. The surgery performed by the team of surgeons led by Head of Department of Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery in ACI, Dr Krishna Kant Sahu, involved so many complexities. Taking it up as a challenge, Dr Sahu and his team successfully removed inoperable tumour. The patient was clinically diagnosed as having ‘malignant mediastinal teratoma’. In another terms it is called ‘highly malignant germ cell tumour of anterior mediastinum.
Dr Sahu said that the patient had visited the hospital with complaint of breathing difficulty and heaviness on chest for the last six months, with occasional swelling on his face. He underwent treatment in private hospitals but did not get any relief. While seeking treatment in all these months he was unaware of growth in the size of tumour in his body.
He visited ACI on July 31, Tuesday. Next day Dr Anand Jaiswal of Radiodiagnosis Department carried out preoperative CT scan of chest AP and Lateral. On the basis of CT scan report, the patient was subjected to Surgery on August 2, Thursday.
According to Dr Sahu, this tumour was highly aggressive, encasing the right brachiocephalic vein, superior Vena cava, right Pulmonary artery, right Pulmonary vein and Arota besides directly invading into pericardium and RT atrium. ‘It was almost inoperable but we tried our best as it was last chance for this guy’, Dr Sahu said, adding that chest was opened with mid sternotomy and middle lobe of the RT lung was totally invaded. Whole tumor was excised along with pericardium and some lung tissue. Lung was repaired and preserved.
‘This surgery was very challenging as it involved so many risks. The family members of the patient were explained about the operation risk but they were convinced that doctors would successfully operate’, Dr Sahu said. Dr Sahu was accompanied by another cardiothoracic vascular surgeon Dr Nishant Chandel, radiologist Dr Anand Jaiswal and anaesthetist Dr OP Sunderani.

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