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Konta, Aug 06: Minpa is that part of Sukma district where the country has been lagging behind in the race to attain new dimensions in the fields of education and construction, children were unaware of the word development and prosperity, but now innocents will have a pen in their hands.  Moving from primary education to higher education, now tribal children will be involved in the activities of nation building for the people, government and jawans and will make them self-reliant in considering right and wrong.
It is worth noting that on the lines of development oriented schemes to the government and administration, the security agencies of the center in Chhattisgarh are playing a different role on the security of the area as well as education and development in the area.  One of the biggest examples of this has been presented by the Corps of Cobra 206 deployed in the Naxal-affected area of ??Sukma district.
Let us tell you that in Minpa, where 17 soldiers had martyred in the encounter with Naklio on 21 March 2020.  Today in the same Minpa, the Cobra 206 Corps personnel are distributing books, pens, school bags to the local children and giving primary education to the children, and ensuring their contribution to the advanced development of education in the tribal dominated area by the Sukma administration.  .
Please tell that after about 1 year after the corona epidemic, school institutions have been restarted in Chhattisgarh.  In which the soldiers of the Cobra 206 Corps have created a new hope of education among the children by operating a school close to the camp for 35 to 40 primary school going children in Minpa.
Winning Heart and Mind – Cobra 206 Corps personnel aimed to take the area towards a new direction of development
Minpa is providing primary education to the children with education and resource-rich facilities in order to establish a better image of the government and harmony between the people and the government and the jawans among the tribal children and the villagers.  Whose better coordination between the jawans and the local is showing a positive result. Those who lacked books in their hands will now have books and pens.
It is to be known that on March 21, 2020, 17 soldiers were martyred in Minpa, the most Naxal-affected area of ??the region.  Now she is rising from the violence, but is hearing the echo of education.  Now the pen of development in children is in hands.  After the Naxalite attack in Minpa, the soldiers have presented a new chapter within a year by connecting the local children to the education and people of the main stream of the government.

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