Another agency hired to apply advanced method at BSP’s WTP

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Bhilai, Aug 12: A private firm has been hired to conduct the work of chemical water purification in BSP’s Water Treatment Plant. The company is going to change the method of chemical dosing and will apply advanced methods for the process of water purification. The agency “Ion Exchange” claims to supply high quality drinking water. On Thursday, Bhilai Municipal Corporation Commissioner Rituraj Raghuvanshi visited the filter plant and inquired about the efforts being made for water purification. He stressed on working fast and ensuring supply of pure drinking water in Bhilai Township.
BSP has entrusted the work of water purification to the Ion Exchange Agency and the agency has started working on it. This agency will conduct the purification process with advanced technology, in which the chemical will be dosed through agitators. The pump and motor have been set up to ensure a constant flow of chemicals. Continuous monitoring of parameters has also been arranged. It is noteworthy that Collector Dr Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure had asked the BSP management to provide pure drinking water in the township. If the already working NALCO agency is not able to ensure quality, the work should be entrusted to another agency. Accordingly, BSP has entrusted the task to a new agency. Collector is constantly taking feedback from the BSP officials and has given instructions to the BSP management to work at every level to supply pure drinking water to the general public.
To inquire about the efforts being made for water purification, BMC Commissioner Rituraj Raghuvanshi reached the BSP’s water treatment plant on Thursday. He visited the chemical house and interacted with the BSP officials. Detailing the BMC Commissioner, BSP’s Water Works Department officer Vijay Shankar Rai informed that the new agency Ion Exchange has been given the task of chemical dosing. The agency will work with new technology. Earlier the dosing system of chemicals was based on gravity and a fixed amount of chemical was being given directly. But now the chemical dose will be given through an agitator. Due to which the dose content of the chemical will be uniform. He further added that the agency has claimed that high quality drinking water will be available with this process. The Agency will use three types of chemicals for water purification. Full Stock of one month Chemical Containers has arrived. BMC Commissioner said that the purity of drinking water is the first priority and concerned work must be done without any delay. BSP officials said that from Thursday night, the agency will start supplying the quantity of chemicals for water purification, the result of which will be visible in the water treatment plant by noon on the second day and its results will be visible in the houses from the next day. Commissioner Raghuvanshi took feedback from BSP on other works for drinking water. The management officials informed that work is also being done on cleaning and maintenance of filter bed, cleaning of coagulation tank is being done regularly and process is going on for upgradation of the entire filter plant. Additional Commissioner Ashok Dwivedi, Zone Commissioner Preeti Singh, Executive Engineer of Water Works Department Sanjay Sharma, Deputy Engineer Shweta Maheshwar and others were present during the Commissioner’s visit. After inspection of BSP’s water treatment plant, BMC Commissioner and other officials reached several houses of BSP Township and collected water samples. The water samples will be tested at the BMC’s water treatment plant. pH, Turbidity and Colour etc will be checked.

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