Animal husbandry can be good source of income, says Sahu

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Anwari, Sep 27: In the ‘animal fair and training programme’ organised at Gram Bhendara of Kurud Bhakhara block headquarters on Sunday. District panchayat speaker Govid Sahu said that there is lot of scope in the field of animal husbandry and the need is for farmers to have good information.
If the farmers make efforts in this direction then they can earn good revenue from traders like dairy farming, goat rearing, poultry and others taking necessary measures. Apart from this by taking benefits of the government’s schemes and subsidy relaxations and grants, they can increase their sources of income. Dr TS Sahu (Asst.
Veterinary Kurud) gave information about good quality breed of all animals and added that among them ‘breeds’ of ‘Gir’, ‘Sahiwal’, ‘red singhi’, ‘Tharparkar’ and others are prominent breeds of cow giving good quantity of milk. Dr. TR Verma from Dhamtari gave information about improvement in breed of cattle through artificial insemination and cited benefits of quality-breed of cattle.
Dr Santosh Adil gave information about benefits of ‘fodder treatement’ to cattle rearers; fodder crop- ‘barsim’, ‘jwar’, ‘Ajola grass’, use of animal feed ‘dana’, ‘Khali’ and how to take care of health of cattle and increase one’s income.
On this occasion by selecting goo cattle owners and the top-quality calf, cow, buffalow were also distributed prizes. Along with this the cattle rearers whose calves were selected for Oxen in Anjora farm were presented with cheque amount.
In this programme the chief guest Govind Sahu (Speaker District Panchayat Dhamtari), Tarini Chandrakar (Speaker Krishi Pashupalan District Panchayat Dhamtari), Sharda Devi Sahu (Janpad president Kurud), Jan Singh Yadav (V-P Janpad Kurud) in their address appealed people present to promote about government’s schemes, so that people can avail benefits.
They should also ensure programme for holding animal fair and training camp in each Janpad area and sort out solutions to scores of problems faced by cattle rearers and other animals.
This programme was attended by Sarpanch Shameshwari Sahu, Dr Mahesh Baghel, Dr Dwivedi, Dr L Sahu, Dr Mahendra Yadav, Kosmarra Nandkumar, Ganesh Ram (Gram Patel), Nihal Sahu (former Janpad member), Dhananjay Sahu (dy. Sarpanch), Bisouha Sahu, Nilkanth Jangde, Sharad Sahu, Kamta Prasad Sahu, Manoj Sahu, Parmeshwar Sahu and others.

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