Always choose true friends in life: BK Mili

Bhilai, Jun 02:
The Divine Group children who collect every week at the PBIV Peace auditorium, Rajyog Bhavan, Sector-7 this week understood the importance of having good friends. Bramhakumari Mili explained to them about the influence that friends have on one’s life. The moment we select friends we start adopting the ways that they follow without even our knowledge, said BK Mili. Citing example from Mahabharata she said that the mighty warrior Karna lost the war because of wrong association and his friendship with Duryodhana who was a Kaurav. On the other hand, the Pandavas won because they chose Lord Krishna, a true friend. She further said that one should always make true friends who take us on the true path. The friend who gives suggestion to move around aimlessly or freak out without informing parents would not only sink into oblivion but also take the friends along. Therefore, it is essential that we choose the right friend in life. Another example that she gave was that of Lord Krishna and his friendship with Sudama. It was because of Sudama’s friendship with Lord Krishna that he is held in high regard.
Describing three important friends in life, she said that the first true friend is Mother. Even when we were infant and could not even speak, Mother understands our needs and fulfills the same so why would she not understand later? If a mother refuses to allow something, why do we feel bad, while no one else in the world can thing the best for us than a mother. Second friend in life is our father, who dedicated his entire life for us, why his rebukes we reply him back or start crying. Alwasy remember whatever we are today is because of this second friend.
The third and true friend is God, who gave us such parents and so imagine how good and beautiful He will be. Therefore one should value life and always understand that these three are the best friends in life.
Thereafter the children were taught the slogan I am the best friend of God and trained in Rajagya Meditation.

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