All promises to public regarding Canal Road false: Manish Pandey

On Fifth day “Mukti Pakhwara” rally reaches ward 36 and 37

Bhilai, Jan 09: On the fifth day of the “Mukti Pakhwara” initiated by Shri Ram Janmotsav Samiti, against the corruptions during the five year tenure of the BMC government, the Yatra (rally) on Saturday reached Khursipar, Ward 36 and made the public aware of the false promises made to the people in this area but the corrupt government of the civic body could not complete the same. The rally began from Gautam Nagar Chowk and then the members and office bearers covers various mohallahs of the Ward nos 36 and 37. During this rally, they performed the ritual of “Nimbu-Mirch (Lemon-Pepper) to protect the Khursipar area from the evil of corruption. The committee congratulated the people for getting relieved from the 5-year tenure of the corrupt government.
Addressing the people, Councilor Joginder Sharma, lambasted the young mayor for not doing any work in the last 5 years, but instead tried to take credit for the works of others. Today, despite their government in the state for two years, the Khursipar region is craving for the much needed work. The meeting was also addressed by Tej Bahadur Singh and Manish Aggarwal.
The Youth Wing president Manish Pandey said that all the development work that has been done in Khursipar area has been done by the previous government, but the mayor terming it to be done by him has just cut the ribbon during the last 5 years. He also introduced dirty politics on issues like Canal Road. Initially, he praised it by giving the example of Canal Road in Raipur, but later reached to protest the same to gain people’s sympathy. He also promised rehabilitation and compensation. Not only this, he also promised people to reduce the width of the road, but today, even after two years, the people have not witnessed any progress in this regard and that too when their own government is in power in the state.
Addressing the common people during the tour in Sector 1 and 2 of the township area, Pandey said that in two years, the municipal government has never given priority to public convenience. No action has been taken regarding the problem of backlane but the Corporation government is least worried. The previous government had even sanctioned an amount for this work, but that too was stopped. Not only this, funds were also released by the previous government to correct the problem of rain water and drainage inundation in houses during monsoon, but this too was stopped.
Among those present were Lalchand Maurya, Sevakram Sahu, Prashant Pandey, IP Mishra, Raju Srivastava, Joginder Sharma, Basanti Jena, Prakash Lahre, KL Srivastava, Jaishankar Chaudhary, Basant Pradhan, Ravindra Raul, Bhagchand Jain, Councilor J Srinivasa Rao , P Srinivas, Rinku Sahu, Ashok Yadav, Ashish Chaudhary and a large number of office bearers and members.

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