Akhilesh into Golden Book of World Records with Lord Hanuman photo collections

Central Chronicle News

Raipur, Jun 17:

Akhilesh Sharma has entered into Golden Book of World Records by making collection of 5 thousand photographs of Lord Hanuman.

According to the information received, Akhilesh has given the collection of photos into a book. Providing the above information, the record holder Akhilesh Sharma said that he has achieved the above record with hard work of last ten years. He has several unique pictures of Lord Hanuman in his 256 colour pages. He said that people starting sending the photo of Lord Hanuman instead of good morning messages when they came to know about his keen interest in collection of photographs of Lord Hanuman. His collection includes unique photos of Lord Hanuman from several countries including Thailand, Malaysia and Bali and added that paintings worth lakhs are also in his collections of photographs. His collections includes the images of Lord Hanuman from his childhood to old age days. He also urged the people to recite the Bhajans of Lord Hanuman as he is always with the people who keep him in their mind.

He also informed that he is reciting Sunderkand for the last 35 years and added that he keeps on sharing the publications to people whenever he comes in contact with new people.


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