Ajay bestowed with 9 Dan and Master of Karate award

 First in India to achieve the feat

Central Chronicle News

Raipur, May 06:

Shitoryu School of Karate has honoured Ajay R Agrawal from Raipur Chhattisgarh in India with the Certificate of Shitoryu Karatedo the 9 Dan on finding the satisfactory progress and achievement in the field.

World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation has also bestowed the title Shitoryu Kyoshi on Ajay R Agrawal for the excellence and has awarded him Shitoryu Title Hanshi. Agrawal received the Grand Master of Karate (For India) recently in Japan from the Governor of the Federation. Ajay gave the credit for his success to his Master Renshi Deepak Thakur and Dsi Senai Moses Tilak who gave him the training and blessings to achieve the above feat.

During this ceremony president of world Shito-Ryu karate federation Ganzo Itawa, secretary and other senior members were also present.

He said that 47 year of dedication and rigorous training in the field karate and Kobudo and with masters grace him to achieve this world level title. In 1980, he was declared as first junior black belt of India by world karate grand master Soke Kenei Mabuni, Red Bet, Japan. 17 times state champion, 16 times national champion, 6 times Asian champion and 5 times world champion record has been by me that still exist. In year 2015 got place and title as 3rd in Asia as master of master’s karate and Kobudo trainer title and now holding the under 10 position of master of karate at world level.

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