Admin for CT scan only on prescription from a physician

Bhilai, Sep 22: An important meeting of the Directors of the medical establishments providing CT scan services was called in the other day by Additional Collector BB Panchbhai. In the meeting, Additional Collector clearly instructed not to allow CT scans of a patient until and unless he comes with a valid prescription or referral. Panchbhai also instructed to fully adhere to the Corona protocol while taking a CT and charge fees as capped by the administration.
He further instructed that details of CT related inquiries and those conducted should be submitted to the administration every day by 17:00 hrs. He added that detailed information about the investigation and status of infection should be submitted in the proper format that has been prepared for this. He also asked to submit details of the CT scan conducted in the last fortnight. He explained that there are only three tests as approved by ICMR to identify Covid- the RT-PCR, antigen test, and TrueNat. CT scan can be a prognosis but not diagnosis. This fact should also be displayed at the Centres with CT Scan facility. He said that it is very important to take care of the sanitization at the centre. Apart from this, maintaining hygiene and proper sanitisation hold a lot of importance, therefore the centres should be properly sanitized. The entrance and exit points should be different at the Centres. On this the Directors informed that necessary precautions are being taken, such as PPE kits etc during the test.
CWHO Dr Gambhir Singh Thakur said that team from health department will monitor the same from time to time. Deputy Collector Priyanka Verma said that administration has fixed the fee for corona patients so as to prevent overcharging. The institutes should take the prescribed fee. She added that the detailed patient information received in the form of format would be reviewed on a regular basis. She further added that there is a need for testing and treatment in a prescribed manner to prevent COVID. Only when people would go through the process of testing, the treatment will start immediately and in accordance with the protocol prescribed for COVID. CT scan operators also have an important role to play in preventing the spread of corona infections. The faster they exchange information with the administration, easier it would be in giving health benefits to the patients. In the end, she said that follow up of regular regarding information sharing.

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