Action will be on two wheelers without helmets: Directives for Excise Amalees to check hotels and dhabas

In the meeting of District Level Road Safety Committee organized under the Chairmanship of District Collector and District Magistrate M. Kaiser Abdul Haq, discussions regarding arrangement of systematic arrangements in the district were discussed. In the meeting held in the meeting room of the district office yesterday evening, the collector directed the officers to take necessary steps towards keeping the vehicular traffic free from heavy vehicles, taking seriously the accidents from heavy vehicles. The Collector directed the officers of Police and Traffic Department to take action on two wheelers without helmets. He also instructed the Excise Commissioner that action should be taken by the Excise Amount to investigate illegal sale of alcohol in the hotel and Dhaba. For this, necessary help can be taken from the district police force. The District Magistrate instructed to make suitable arrangements in respect to preventing the accident in areas with special scope of the accident. In the meeting, discussions were made regarding the installation of speed breakers, radium sign board and speed control board at suitable places. The Collector instructed to park the vehicle in the fixed parking space, to act on the illegal construction work, repair the roads, repair the roads, and point the indicator board on the blind twist. The suggestions were also given by the committee members in the meeting. They instructed the drivers to make the drivers aware of the city’s traffic system and avoid the accident, run carefully the vehicle, do not run the vehicle by drinking alcohol, and ensure the compliance of traffic rules. The Collector appealed to the people to fulfill their responsibility to prevent smooth traffic and accidents. Deputy Superintendent of Police Surendra Sai Pakra appealed to the citizens to follow the traffic rules. In connection with the systematic and smooth operation of the City Bus was also discussed.
Commissioner of Municipal Corporation Ranbir Sharma, District Transport Officer H.K. Kashyap, SDM Katghora Abhishek Agrawal, Podipuroda-Akhilesh Sahu, Joint Collector Nepal Singh Naroji, Deputy Director Mineral DK Mishra, Assistant Commissioner Abikari Manjushri Kaiser, Executive Engineer Lonivy Naresh Swamy, Executive Engineer, Municipal Corporation, Gaisha Ahmed, Traffic Department Inspector Ss Other members of the Road Safety Committee were present on the occasion including Patel Corba Truck and Tea Lauren and Associations Chairman Subodh Singh, MS Pal Engineer NTPC, Potent Das Mahant, SECL Deepka.
21 accidental places in accident in the district 21 black spots – National Highway and State Highway in Korba district have been marked. The directions for the installation of radium sign board, speed breaker, speed controller board at all marking sites were given in the meeting of district road safety committee in the last days by the collector. In addition, it was directed to provide radium paint in the railings and guardrail in all the main roads of the district. According to the list issued by the traffic police station in Korba, the accidental place in the district is under the control of Bagdewa bridge, Damiya Mud, Rahidih Dam, Doomar Cachar Chowk, Dhaurabha, Bhebandha Nala, Chaitama Bridge, Thana Katghora under Mohanpur Bridge, Sutra Dam, Tonal Bar, Thana Bango- Madhighat, Churiya Chowk, the first turn of the Hasedev bridge, Kendai Monde, Moraga bridge, Thana Urga- Kothari Chowk, Sargbundia Chowk, Kadhi Chowk, Uraga Chowk, Barabsapu Su square is included. Under the State Highway and Urban Accidents, Black Spat Police Station, Chhari Mod, Katghora Tehsil Mod, Gopalpur Mud under Darri Police Station, Kohdi Dam, under the Kotwali, 200 MW turn, near the Forest Department office, Bermamp Chowk, Kusumundra Petrol under Kusmunda Police Station Accidental spot marked by accident in Korba by traffic police station, near Pump (Vaishali Nagar Chowk) Has.

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