7 arrested for attempting armed burglary in Saddu liquor shop

Raipur, Dec 09: In a swift action on Thursday morning, Vidhan Sabha police succeeded in busting a sensational armed burglary attempt and arrested all seven assailants.
According to police, over half a dozen armed assailants barged into the liquor shop situated in Saddu after it was closed for day’s business. They straightway demanded to be given liquor and all of them were armed with sharp edged weapons. With the shop manager Mithun Bagh, who had known one of the assailants named Shahdev Soni, refusing to give any liquor, the assailant called in his other accomplices and they all started ransacking the shop. In the process they brutally stabbed Mithun Bagh and then fled from the shop.
The incident was reported in Vidhan police station early on Thursday morning after which an offence was registered under Section 147, 148, 294, 323, 327, 458, 506 IPC and investigation was launched instantly. This effort soon led to identification and detention of all accused.
Brought to the police station, they were identified Shahdev Soni, Ravi Soni, Ghanshyam Soni, Somnath Soni, Rohit Sagar, Ram Sona and Mithilesh Kumar.

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