64.23% polling recorded in BMC

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Raipur, Dec 20: Under civic body elections, long queues of voters were seen since morning in the polling centres for voting in Birgaon Municipal Corporation today. While the number of male voters was more than women in the morning, the number of women coming to exercise franchise increased after 11:00 pm.
As per reports from State Election Commission, a total of 64.23% polling was recorded in Birgaon Municipal Corporation (BMC) here on Monday.
As many as 111 men and 85 women voted till 11 am in polling booth number 75 set up in New Government Primary School, Birgaon. By this time 22 percent voting was recorded. Similarly, 160 voters exercised their franchise in polling station number 77 till 11 am. During this period 17 percent voting took place. In polling number 73, 133 men and 80 women voted and 21% voter turnout was recorded in this centre till 11 am.
A 75-year-old Faguram Devangan and 60-year-old Gori Devangan along with their disabled son Arun came to vote in this campus. Wheel chair was arranged at Voter’s Assistance Center to help the disabled in this campus. Not only sanitizer was used in the Voter Assistance Center but voters were informed about their polling stations and part number etc. so that they can vote. easily.
Out of 1004 voters, 52 men and 20 women voted till 9:00 am in polling booth number 65 set up at Advani Oerlikon Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Birgaon. 7.1 percent polling was recorded in the first hour.
Similarly, in polling station number 67, 25 male and 13 female voters exercised their franchise in the first hour. Voter turnout was 6% in the first hour. In polling number 66, 48 men and 22 women voted and 7.07% voting took place in the first hour. In polling number 65, about 80 years old disabled Smt. Kantibai Yadav exercised her franchise. Similarly, 80-year-old Tijia Banchore cast her vote in the same

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