Human error
Human actions have triggered devastating floods and landslides in Himachal Pradesh (Nous Indica). The degradation of hillsides and deforestation have wrought havoc on the local ecosystem, leading to elevated temperatures. These elevated areas traditionally regulate rainwater flow, allowing it to infiltrate the soil gradually. Their absence intensifies the likelihood of floods and landslides. Furthermore, construction near or on hillsides destabilizes the terrain, heightening landslide risks. Unrelenting weather events, like floods, spare no human-made structures and can wreak havoc unselectively.
MK Nair, Raipur

Nomenclature Manipulation

Is the nomenclature “Vanvasi” being zealously pursued and imposed by the “guardians” of this country merely to confine the indigenous tribes within the jungles as wondered by Rahul Gandhi; but also to suggest that the “proud” self-declared “Aryans” of a particular political/ideological camp (always delivering unsolicited sermons on “nationalism” from the roof top) form the real “Adivasi” of this ancient land with Indian citizens of other demographic credentials being rank “outsiders”.
Kajal Chatterjee,Kolkata

Monsoon Mayhem
This monsoon season has wreaked havoc in Himachal Pradesh, causing unprecedented damage to lives and property. The death toll has surged to 73 due to relentless rains, with 214 lives lost since the monsoon’s start on June 24. July’s rainfall shattered 50-year records. While climate change likely contributes to such extreme precipitation, human-induced disasters resulting from unplanned development— altered dam construction, changing crop patterns, and unchecked tourism—are equally culpable. These practices strain delicate Himalayan ecosystems, causing colossal losses. Some attribute these calamities to the supernatural, but it’s our heedless actions that imperil nature. We must rationalize, live sustainably, and cease thoughtless interference. Only then can we avert the looming catastrophe and preserve our universe’s future.
Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee, Faridabad


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