58 students appear in online Aadhaar exam

Bijapur, Sep 26:
For the first time in the state, online Aadhaar examination was organized in Bijapur district with special permission. Out of 61 candidates enrolled in Bijapur district, 58 appeared and 3 remained absent.  Out of 58 candidates who appeared, 40 candidates were able to pass the Aadhaar exam. In view of the problem of non-formation of Aadhaar by villagers of inaccessible areas and lack of Aadhaar operator, Bijapur Collector Ritesh Agarwal, with special permission from UIDAI and NSEIT, conducted Aadhaar examination at the data center of the district office.  The conduct of the examination was possible in Bijapur only on the personal request of Mrs. P. Sangeeta DDG (Aadhaar) UIDAI and Sameer Vishnoi CEO Chips through Collector Agarwal.  Otherwise the candidates would have to go to cities like Jagdalpur, Raipur and Warangal.  SDM Devesh Dhruv and Deputy Collector and Nodal Officer Manoj Kumar Banjare contacted UIDAI and NSEIT to get the exam center of 61 candidates changed online from cities like Raipur, Jagdalpur and Warangal to the data center, District Office, Bijapur.  To prepare Aadhaar operator through SDM from all four development blocks, 12th pass candidates were selected and filled online application.  Model question paper was taken out from the website of UIDAI and distributed to all the candidates by the Nodal Officer and Deputy Collector Shri Manoj Banjare.  A briefing and preparation for the examination were made by calling the district office.  On 25 September 2021, online Aadhaar examination of 61 candidates in three polys was conducted in the data center of the district office. In the Aadhaar examination, on behalf of UIDAI and NSEIT, Anit Tiwari, Project Manager Aadhaar (UIDAI) Nilesh Kumar Soni, Project Manager (  Aadhar,chips) Saurabh Ramteke, Ms. Mamta Joshi and Ms.  Sakshi Mahato got the examination done under her guidance in district Bijapur.  With the help of the district administration, today the Aadhar operator is being prepared from the inaccessible areas of Bijapur like Assalka, Pinakonda Pondum, Badetungli, Mirtur, Kutru, Gomala, Mankeli, Reddy, Gangalur, Cherpal, Basaguda Tarlaguda, Bareguda, Sandra and passed the examination.  Action is being taken to provide computer system and Aadhar kit to all the candidates.  For this commendable work of the district administration, all the candidates who appeared for the Aadhar examination have expressed their gratitude.  There was special cooperation of Aditya Singh District Informatics Officer and Sunil Durgam in-charge of EDM for conducting the Aadhar examination.

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