52-year-old woman duped of Rs 3 lakh by Facebook friend

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Raipur, Sept 26: In a sensational complaint lodged in DD Nagar police station on Sunday, a 52-year-old woman has reportedly been duped of Rs 3 lakh by a fraud who lured her into Facebook friendship since last three years.
According to police, the fraud identified himself as one Suraj Kumar, an employee of M/s Alok Textiles in Ahmedadabad. Initially the friendship was clean chatting but it soon started crossing limits. The fraud soon managed to obtain various obscene photographs of the woman and once she was completely in her trap, Suraj reportedly told her that he has lost his job in the lockdown and is now in desperate need of money. He also asked the woman to arrange a job for him in Raipur.
With the woman trying to avoid him for his demands, Suraj started sending her all the obscene photographs they both has shard in the past and started blackmailing her for immediately sending money or else he will share his pictures with her relatives.
Fearing the social stigma, the woman paid him Rs 3 lakh on three occasions through Phonepay and also gave him a new cell phone when the accused arrived at Raipur and met her.
With the woman now refusing to give any more money or arranging a job for him, the fraud shard her obscene photographs with her daughter and son-in-law after which a complaint was lodged in DD Nagar police station. Further investigation in this regard is now underway.

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