29th Mahanam Yagya performed with devotion in Naranarayana Seva Ashram

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Konta, Feb 22: Like every year in Naranarayana Seva Ashram Konta, known by the name of Krishna Temple, this year also saw the completion of 4 days of Mahanam Yagya in a very devotional environment. Has been celebrated Which used to be on a small scale in the initial phase, but gradually this Mahanam Yagya has now been transformed into a fair.
Sweets, decorators, toys and other shops are set up in the fair, in which the people of Konta have fun with their families for three days. People of Bengali society took part in this event. There was a lot of enthusiasm among women, men and children.
The founder of Naranarayana Seva Ashram Konta was Madhusudan Goswami. He said, “To serve the male form Narayan is to serve the Lord. Like every year, this year also the 28th Mahanam Yagya was started from 13th February. The program started with the cultural program of the young children. All the children participated in large numbers. After this, on Friday and Saturday, 16 pahar nam yagna was organized in which 6 teams from West Bengal took part. The same Baba who reached from Calcutta told that only Hare Rama, Hare Krishna’s name was heard Moksha is attained in ‘Kali Yuga’.
In Naranarayana Seva Ashram in Konta, number of sages and thousands of disciples of Madhusudan Goswami from many states of the country came to take part in this event. The people of the Naranarayan Seva Ashram Committee, arranged for their food and stay. On the second day of 16 Pahar, on Sunday morning, Lord Krishna was seated in a swing and visited the entire city of Konta. After the city tour, Narayan Bhoj was organized at Naranarayan Seva Ashram in which hundreds of devotees received Maha Prasad in the form of Khichdi. In the evening there was a fraternal conference in which all Guru Bhai reconcile with each other. The main role in conducting this Mahanam Yagya Mela is the Chairman of Naranarayan Seva Ashram Konta Madkam Krishna, Secretary Tapan Lal Thakur, Mausam Tamaiya, Dilip Mandal, Narendra Sarkar, Ranjit Dhali, Vishal Banshal, Vikas Sen, Sanjeet Singh, Sanjay Gupta, Tarun Bose , Gautam Banik, Govind Heera, Bengali Youth Committee President Sarjeet Mistry and all the youth members.

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