12-year-old perceives the world with her imagination

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Raipur, Feb 05: Enaya Agrawal, a 12 year old, student of Rajkumar College has been working on a book for the past few months and it has just been published in 18 countries worldwide by Ukiyoto- a publishing house in Toronto. It is available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle under the name of ‘Mowa Popins and the Golden Necklace’. It is a collection of short stories for children above the age of nine. The author herself being 12 has used simple language for better understanding and has put many fantasy elements in use to make it more interesting.
Mowa Popins, is your average monster kid. Going to school, putting lava into montrees, turning teachers into snails, painting on mudpaps, the general. But what happens when he finds his beloved Deadly Shimmer street infested by dragons and that everybody has forgotten the legend about the golden necklace? Will he decide to solve the legend himself and save everybody on time? Or will his perfect world come to an end and the monsters be burnt to extinction- literally?
The author of this book Enaya finds her self- expressions in creative arts of writing and classical Indian dance form – Kathak. She has won many accolades and awards for her enchanting Kathak performances on various platforms, both in India and Internationally. She participated in the ABSS’s 9th Cultural Olympiad of Performing Arts-2019 (official partner of UNESCO) held in Singapore and did her country proud when she came back with a Meritorious award. Besides writing and Kathak, she also loves to sing, draw, build apps and read books. However, writing remains her first love ever since she started writing and spinning stories as a little girl.
Once she puts pen to paper, ideas start flowing endlessly, transporting her to another world, making her unstoppable. resident of Chaubey Colony Raipur Mr. Amit Agarwal, Mrs. Nisha Aggarwal’s daughter, Ku. Enaya’s “Mova Poppins and the Golden Necklace” is the first published book but this little prodigy has big dreams when it comes to following her passions. Her book has been published in 18 countries worldwide by Ukiyoto- a publishing company from Toronto and is easily available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle. She also has a few upcoming interviews with oxford book store. This young achiever has a lot of feathers in her cap.

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