1000 cubic metre Vaporiser inaugurated at JLN Hospital & RC

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Bhilai, Jul 08: SAIL-BSP has been committed to provide superior health services to the steel fraternity through its continuous efforts. All efforts are being taken to connect all the 860 beds at JLN Hospital & RC with piped Oxygen.
For this purpose, a 1000 cubic metre Vaporiser was recently inaugurated in JLN Hospital & RC by Dr SK Issar, ED (M & HS). Dr Ravindranath, CMO (M & HS) and Dr Pramod Binayake, CMO (M & HS), Shahid Ahmad, GM (Maintenance-M & HS) and Balbir Singh were present on the occasion.
The new 1000 cubic metre Vaporiser was started in JLN Hospital & RC’s Liquid Medical Oxygen(LMO) Plant on June 30, 2021 in order to provide piped oxygen to all beds of JLN Hospital and RC. Additionally, Oxygen cylinder manifold has also been arranged to facilitate flow of Oxygen to the wards from cylinders in case there is any disturbance in functioning of LMO.
The 1000 cubic metre Vaporiser was installed under the supervision of Shahid Ahmad, GM (Maintenance-M & HS) and Balbir Singh with the team comprising of Ashok Kumar Verma, AGM, PK Chouhan, AGM, Vijay Kumar Nagpure, Senior Manager, Abdul Haq, Senior Manager, Shekhar Uplapwar, Assistant Manager, Rajkumar, Assistant Manager, Ravi Kumar, Assistant Manager, Saroj and the team from Praxair. These employees oversaw the different construction stages ranging from civil foundation to its erection.
Earlier, a 100 cubic metre Vaporiser was functioning here. A need was felt to install a 1000 cubic metre vaporiser to connect all the 860 beds of JLN Hospital and RC with piped Oxygen. Hence, BSP management procured a 1000 cubic metre vaporiser to cater to the requirements of COVID patients.
Liquid Medical Oxygen from storage tank is converted into gaseous Oxygen with the help of Vaporiser and it reaches the patients through pipeline connected to the wards. In this context, the work of connecting wards with Oxygen pipeline is going on at a brisk pace. Currently, 575 beds have been connected with oxygen pipelines and work is in progress to connect the remaining 285 beds with Oxygen pipeline. This work shall be completed by July 2021. Paediatric wards have already been connected with Oxygen supply on priority basis.

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